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ROLE: CG Artist

“Virtual Taste” is a design concept based on VR immersive experience and physical props. For this project, I have designed two types of virtual food. The work centers on food and beverages, giving the audience a new experience through the unrestrained construction of never-before-seen, fantasy food and the creative pairing of real ingredients.

Cocktail: Mirage
In the digital world, viewers will see a fog-filled red drink surrounded by flowers and architecture; in reality, the cocktail and corresponding ingredients will mix with the visual senses of the virtual screen, bringing the viewer a visual taste experience.

Orange: a familiar taste, a fresh experience

The concept focuses on deconstructing common foods, such as oranges, and restructuring them into abstract graphic representations based on the taste experience.
When viewers put on VR headsets and look at such images while tasting familiar fruits, they may wonder: to what extent will the intervention of technology change what we take for granted?