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ROLE: Director/CG Artist/Editor
Venue:The Silos Art Museum

The Poem of Chaos is an architectural projection film that I was invited to create for the Silos Museum of Art this summer. In this work, I continually design the Mandelbrot Set and digital dancer; it builds on my previous work to create a new piece that incorporates Stravinsky's Spring Festival theme. The work was projected on the building façade of Shenzhen's the Silos Art Museum in July 2022.


This exhibition at the silo is divided into two parts: the inside and the outside. I am primarily responsible for creating the projections for the outside and assisting with the projections inside the building.

Inspired by Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, this scene depicts a magnificent festival: Dancers fete the spirits of nature through dance on the stage. It is divided into four main sections.

Architectural Projection
The location of this architectural projection is the Silos Art Museum in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The museum was formerly an abandoned factory; L&A GROUP purchased the building and transformed it into an art museum. The location is characterized by four connected cylindrical silos. With this in mind, I made some changes to the film while designing the architectural projection to ensure that it complemented the structure.

I designed the film to be axisymmetric, ensuring that the dancers are in the front of each silo when they dance. This prevents them from being projected into the gaps between silos.