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ROLE: Director/CG Artist/Editor

Simulating the Creature from the Motion

The inspiration for this project stems from the diverse array of animal specimens and fossils displayed in the cabinets of the Harvard Museum. The inorganic specimens, encased in cold glass cabinets, serve as simulations of real organic beings, creating a sense of reality that doesn't exist.

In this project, we generate organic fossil replicas through inorganic motion trajectory data, sculpting the entangled relationship of inorganic matter simulating organic entities. To faithfully recreate organic beings, we use the HTC Vive controllers to sketch the fundamental structural curves of marine organism skeletons, and restore the creatures' skin texture through algorithmic modeling.

Through this project, we aim to delve into the complex relationship between the inorganic and organic, reality and simulation, and offer a fresh perspective to reflect on our perceived world.

Chenghao He | Muwen Li | Yetong Xin

Jose Luis García del Castillo y López