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Personal work

This work was created in 2021, when I had just graduated and was working alone in Hangzhou. At this time, I observed that young people who came from everywhere gathered in this city. They have desire and they want to gain money, fame and status, though most of them just work for several years and then leave. When I went to the company each morning, I walked along with them on the road. There was no talking and each person was silent and hurried. At that time I saw a picture: thousands of silent hands were parading.

The “hand” is the most flexible part of the human limb, and people use it to acquire, to make, to plunder. This gives a unique meaning to this form: the hand that opens its five fingers and grasps outward is a visualization of human desire. I imagine that in an empty city, there is only a group of hands constantly grabbing and running from building to building, as if a silent but grand parade. – Ultimately, this serves as a symbol of people’s desires rushing through the city.