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ROLE: CG Artist

This is a virtual digital theater based on VR technology and live-scanning technology. In this theater, we first filmed in the real world, with a girl constantly drawing on a white sheet of paper. We then scanned the location and reconstructed it via 3D software as the following image, and added many abstract, non-existent elements to the 3D scene. When the audience watches the play, they will see two images at the same time. The left side is reality, and the right side is virtual. The two spaces are identical, with the real girl on the left drawing on white paper, and her abstract inner expression on the right. This work explores a new way of presenting virtual theater by combining current popular media so that the audience can travel between the real and the virtual.

In this team work, I was responsible for the reconstruction of the virtual scene, the production of the virtual theater, and the overall style control, as shown in the figures below.