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In the lush embrace of the rainforest,
prophecy unfurls its tendrils, whispering a tale:

A tribe forges the monumental floating city "Kukulkan,"
steering cubic abodes to nature’s pulse.

As the prophetess dances, her tattoos resonate with Kukulkan.

Within an eternal symphony of dance and song,
the tribe partakes in golden wine,
and embarks on a poetic journey weaving through the verdant tapestry……

ROLE: Director/CG Artist/VFX Artist/Editor

NOMAD is a 3D animation/short film

In the future, people will be increasingly concerned about "responsive environments". Indigenous shamanism decides to form a practical dialogic balance between the supply of natural resources and the demand for them.

Since the beginning, people have been unilaterally exploiting natural resources without asking whether nature has the capacity to provide them. Our story follows a group of aboriginal shamans who long to return to primitive tribal life, they build a giant installation that equipped with wind-sensing tentacles, rain surveys, and environmental signal feedback devices to better "serve the land".

Because of its mobility, people do not have the right to occupy the land permanently, but rather migrate as the signal approaches the "boundary of coexistence between people and natural resources".

Made by:
Yetong Xin | Muwen Li.

Kent Larson, Luis Alberto Alonso Pastor, Gabriela Bila Advincula.

Special Thanks to:
Fanrui Su, LeiLi, Curry Sicong Tian, Cndice Wu.