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An Immersive Meal

ROLE: CG Artist/Editor

BUON APPETITO is an interactive projection project.

When people gather to savor a delicious dessert, they collaboratively slice it, arrange it on plates, and then pass it to the hands of friends, sharing the sweet moments of culinary delight. This goes beyond a simple act of food sharing; it is a collective experience of happiness. Through the act of sharing food, individuals establish profound connections on both a sensory and gustatory level, creating cherished memories together.

In our project, we aim to enhance this interpersonal connection through the unique approach of interactive projection. Envision a scenario, perhaps on a cozy Sunday evening or during a special birthday celebration, where the host shares a fruit-filled cake with the guests. As the plate carrying the cake is lifted, passed, and handed to guests, the projected fruits will illuminate sequentially based on the plate's position and movements, adding a unique and delightful interactive element to the entire sharing process. Through this design, we are dedicated to making food sharing not just an action but also an engaging visual experience, leaving people with unforgettable moments of shared joy.

Annabelle Zhang | Muwen Li | Yetong Xin

Jose Luis García del Castillo y López