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Role Group Leader, Designer, Production
Recognition Creativity Award for Students, Packstar 2021

Black garlic is a special product unique to my hometown. It consists of fresh, raw garlic that is fermented in a fermentation tank with its skin on. The process takes 90-120 days, resulting in a special flavor and high nutritional value. Despite its beneficial qualities, black garlic is only popular in my hometown and not known to the outside world. With the idea of bringing this unique flavor to a larger market, my partner and I designed this set of packaging.

The theme of the packaging is "local flavor"; so, the main identifying features are illustrations with folklore elements. The art is based on my hometown's New Year paintings, which depict the traditional culture of the Chinese New Year. People can be seen wearing brand new clothes, decorated with dancing dragons and flower dumplings to symbolize spring.

When designing the packaging, I considered two scenarios: first, black garlic can be a valuable "gift" product due to its complex production method and high nutritional value. Therefore, I referred to the arrangement of a chocolate box. I packed each head of garlic separately and arranged them neatly in the flip-top gift box. Secondly, black garlic can also be sold in local folklore stores as a portable snack. For this reason, I also designed kraft paper bags made of environmentally-friendly materials that can carry black garlic in bulk.
Yetong Xin | Yuqing Sheng