Tsinghua University
Bachelor of Visual Communication Design


3D artist, involving motion graphic, experimental video, game design and concept art. She is a speaker of TED×Youth and works for international studios including NetEase, Modern Sky, nowness, SENSE and Cam Lab. Graduated from Tsinghua University, her work is collected by Academy of Art and Design, shows in galleries and gets the GDC finalist.



Golden Award of Student Group, GDC Award (Winning Rate 16/9787)                         
October 2021

Nomination for Student Short, China Youth Animation Director Support Program  
October 2021

Creativity Award for Students, Packstar 2021      
October 2021

Outstanding Graduates of Beijing in 2021  
July 2021

Outstanding Graduates of Tsinghua University in 2021
July 2021

Excellent Graduation Design in 2021 and was collected by Tsinghua Academy of Arts and Design July 2021

National Scholarship, Haodushu scholarship Spring/Fall 2019/2020(5%, rank 1/46)  
June 2020

Golden Award, The 2nd International Competition of “Li Paper(gift paper)” Pattern Design
April 2019

National Scholarship, Evergrande Scholarship Spring/Fall 2017/2018(5%, rank 1/46)  
June 2018

Second Prize, Tsinghua Academy of Arts and Design Non-place Exhibition
November 2018

Third Prize, Tsinghua Academy of Arts and Design Allegory Exhibition 
May 2018